Antibody Tests for Employers

Helping you to understand the level of immunity within your workforce to take pro-active measures to protect them and your business.

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Why use Antibody Tests?

Evidence is showing the importance of neutralising antibodies in indicating immunity, this is why we believe that a neutralising antibody testing system can efficiently and effectively help employers manage the challenges of COVID-19.

Cost Benefits

Antigen tests are expensive if used frequently.

An employer with 50 staff testing twice a week at a cost of £8 per test
(excluding administration) would spend approximately £10,400 per quarter
versus £3000 per quarter for a single antibody test for the employees.

What are the benefits?

Using the neutralising antibody test programme could generate a considerable saving against using lateral flow tests or more expensive PCR tests. You would need to contact us to arrange an appointment to go over the possible solutions and discuss the cost.

In addition to the cost savings there is less hassle for the employee as they will be tested once a quarter with a certificate being issued showing the results and count.

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Antibody testing in business

Antibody testing in the workplace will come to the fore over the coming months offering business continuity; employee comfort and allowing every business to move on.

By combining this with proper internal risk measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 the workplace will be a far more comfortable place to work from.

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