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The AntiBody Lab has been set-up specifically to focus on the provision of quantitative testing for the body’s COVID-19 antibody count. It is our belief that being aware of the levels within the body we will be better prepared to take the required steps to ensure we protect ourselves and others from further spreading or exposure to the virus.

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The Antibodylab.co.uk works with North London Laboratories trading as the NL Clinic. During the pandemic the NL Clinic has worked to provide COVID related services as a private provider to both the UK and for people travelling to the UK from abroad.

NL Clinic is on the government approved general providers list; the test to release for international travellers scheme and also on the Day 2 and Day 8 testing list. The NL Clinic is also a stage three UKAS applicant.

Discover our Test Centres

With sites across the U.K. you will be able to leverage the local drop off points that
can be found on the Isle of Wight; Peterborough; Birmingham; Bristol or
Southgate, London.

NL Clinic Southampton
Arena Business Centre
Threefield Lane
S014 3LP
Tel: 0330 025 2028
NL Clinic Peterborough
c/o DeskGo
120-122 Braymere Road
Hampton, Peterborough
Tel: 0330 025 2028 https://www.nlclinicpeterborough.co.uk/
Gurnard Pines Leisure Centre
Cockleton Lane
PO31 8QE
Tel: 0330 025 2028 https://www.nlcliniciow.co.uk/
NL Clinic Bristol
Studio B15
Kestrel Court
Harbour Road
Portishead, Bristol
BS20 7AN
Tel: 0330 025 2028
NL Clinic Birmingham
West Midland House
Gipsy Lane
West Midlands
WV13 2HA
Tel: 0330 025 2028

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